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cache_1410926QuikCash Taxes Welcomes You.

Get answers to all of your tax and financial questions! At QuikCash Taxes our tax experts have years of consulting and auditing experience and will support you in all aspects of business management, from the everyday to the complex.
Quality comes from experience – Find out more about us by scheduling a personal appointment with us today. We provide comprehensive and individualized support to meet all of your tax and financial needs.

QuikCash Taxes corporate office is located in Memphis Tennessee with locations in several states to service your needs.
We offer tax filings for individuals and small businesses. We are a group of well trained Annual Filing Season Certified Preparer’s and are up to date with our CPE training for all of your income tax needs..You can find most of our employees in the IRS database as voluntarily certified.

With QuikCash income tax preparation services, you can rest assured that your taxes will be done right and on time every time. QuikCash income tax services include online tax preparation as well as state tax filing and federal tax filing. QuikCash income tax filing also encompasses more that the mere formalities associated with getting these all important federal documents to the right agency.

QuikCash, located in several states, provides clients with a group of well trained Certified Public Accountants as our consultants who know how to maximize your company’s deductions while also safeguarding you against unnecessary audits and enquiries. By utilizing QuikCash Taxes you will also receive educated projections and calculations that help lower overall taxes.
QuikCash Taxes can also automate filings so you don’t ever have to worry about this aspect of running your business.
Even self employed taxpayers can benefit from QuikCash Taxes filing packages, as they can learn about retirement regulations that are applicable to them and their unique situation. You do not have to be a big company to take advantage of what QuikCash Taxes has to offer either. Even individuals can benefit from our online tax preparation, federal tax filing and state tax filing options.

QuikCash Taxes corporate office is open year round to assist our clients nationwide with any off season needs that may arise. Contact QuikCash Taxes to find out about our affordable tax filing packages today.

About Us

QuikCash Taxes offers our clients outstanding and individualized service, with over 30 years of tax experience. We specialize in quality tax preparation for all individuals, from housewives to corporate bankers. In addition to tax services we also offer our clients financial information and education, credit repair services, a variety of insurance options, and our new VISA Debit card.


Experience Makes the Difference

QuikCash Tax Services: Experience Makes the Difference

We offer carefully researched, relevant advice to meet your financial and accounting needs. Our clients come to us from a wide range of industries and company sizes.

 Our philosophy: Quality, experience, commitment and the clients’ trust form the foundation of our success.

Our main skills:

  • Federal and state tax
  • IRS representation
  • Payroll Services
  • Due diligence
  • Corporation, LLC and partnership formation
  • Insurance
  • Telemedicine Services

We offer a broad spectrum of tax and business financial consulting, including asset coordination, accounting and auditing. Our clientele ranges from private individuals and sole proprietors to partnerships and corporate entities across all sectors.


Providing Expert Services…

Tax consultation

Our tax advice is always up to date. Find out how we can save you money.

Financial audits

Our financial audit will assess the accuracy and relevance of your financial statements. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be in a better position to take action.


We go beyond payroll and financial accounting and assist you with reporting and evaluating all of your business transactions.

Business consultation

From founding your business to a succession plan, we can assist you every step of the way.

Our Locations

  • Corporate Office

    8081 Shelby Dr Suite 102
    Memphis, Tn 38125
    Phone: 901-672-8290

  • Tennesee


    25 E. Main St.
    Brownsville, TN 38012
    Phone: (731) 585-0097


    12173 Main St., Suite A
    Mason TN 38049
    Phone: (901) 294-3075


    5405 Fox Plaza Dr., Ste 108G
    Memphis, TN 38115
    Phone: (901) 864-8996

    245 S. Front St., Suite 108
    Memphis, TN 38103
    Phone: (504) 261-8239

    8295 Tournament Dr., Ste 105
    Memphis, TM 38115
    Phone: (901) 969-4474

    2736 Warford St., Suite 103
    (Inside Aldine’s Hot Wings)
    Memphis, TN 38128
    Phone: (901) 480-0838


    16600 Hwy 64
    Somerville, TN 38012
    Phone: (731) 585-0097

  • Alabama


    311 Carolina Ave., Suite A
    York, AL 36925
    (205) 609-8414

  • Arizona


    1717 W. Southern Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85041
    Phone: (602) 350-9531

  • Maryland


    6901 Security Blvd., Ste 2020
    Windsor, MD 21244
    Phone: (410) 921-3667

  • Mississippi


    1905B Mission 66, Ste 6A
    Vicksburg, MS 39180
    Phone: (601) 738-5734